GKS 624 2°: Annales Egmundenses





GKS 624 2°: Annales Egmundenses

Paper, 64 ff., c. 30 × 19 cm; c. 1600

The manuscript contains the Annales Egmundenses (or Egmundani, in GKS 624 2° called Chronicon Traiectense, cf. heading on f. 1r), in a copy that seems to be in the hand of Fridericus Lindenbrogius (1573-1648). The exemplar of the text is British Library, MS Cotton, Tib. C. XI

Nicolaus Heinsius saw the manuscript during his visit to Gottorp in 1650. He included it in a list of notable manuscripts in the library of Gottorp that he sent to Isaac Vossius, and identified the hand as that of Fridericus Lindenbrogius. Heinsius' caption reads: "Chronicon Trajectense, manu Lindenbrogij". Other inventories are silent about the copyist (H. Lindenbrogius (before 1642): "Chronicon Ultrajectenses et Flandienses res gestas continens". Ulr. Petersen (before 1677): "Chronicon Trajectense". B. Möllmann (1734): "Chronicon Trajectense ab anno 640. usque ad finem seculi XII. recentiori manu scriptum. in f.")

GKS 624 2° came to the Royal Library with the entire collection of manuscripts of Gottorp Castle in 1735

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Erik Petersen