NKS 869 g 4°: Saxo, Gesta Danorum, fragmentum Andegavense





NKS 869 g 4°: Saxo, Gesta Danorum, fragmentum Andegavense

Parchment, 4ff. (1 bifolium + 2 leaves), c. 21 × 16 cm; Denmark, c. 1200-1210

The fragment contains a continuous sequence of text from the first book of Saxo Grammaticus’ History of the Danes: I.iii.1-iv.8 ("specimen preferebat tantaque ... puellarum concubitumque peto"). The 2 single leaves once formed a bifolium

The 4 leaves are the remnants of what was Saxo’s working copy of Gesta Danorum. The main text, additions and compositional alternatives have been written either by Saxo himself or by a scribe following his dictate. Both as a source to Saxo’s working process and as a textual witness the Angers-fragment maintains a unique status amongst the medieval manuscripts of the Royal Library

The leaves were discovered as part of the binding of a late medieval manuscript in Bibliothèque Municipale in Angers in 1863. The fragment’s extraordinary value as a source to Saxo’s work was demonstrated in 1877. The following year it was acquired by the Royal Library in an exchange that returned 8 leaves of a cartulary from Saint-Martin-des Champs to Paris (Bibliothèque Nationale; formerly in the possession of D. G. Moldenhawer, in the Royal Library since 1824)

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Erik Petersen