GKS 2030 4°: Iuvenalis, Saturae





GKS 2030 4°: Iuvenalis, Saturae

Parchment, 89 ff. (8×V + V-1), c. 20 × 13,5 cm; Italy, saec. XV: 1460

The manuscript contains Juvenal’s 16 satires (the last three in the sequence XIV, XVI, XV). On the opening page the text is surrounded by ornaments, figures and the owner’s weapon. At the beginning of each satire there is a framed initial on a finely decorated background

In a colophon on f. 89r the scribe Joannes Nydenna from "Confluentia" (probably Koblenz) dates the conclusion of his work to the 23rd of August in Pius II’s third year as pope, i.e. 1460; it was made in Bergamo, for and at the expence of Christoforus Mediolanensis: "PIO SECVNDO PONT. MAX. OPT. SANTIS. ANN. III. X Kal. septembr. Christoforo Mediolanensi viro Integerrimo hunc codicem exscripsi ego Ioannes nydenna De Confluentia impensa sua apud vrbem Bergomeam Imperitante re p. veneta. Cuius princeps erat Pasqualis Maripetro clariss. fortiss.que". – The manuscript later belonged to Magnus Frisius (Mogens Friis, 1623-75), cf. f. [a verso]

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Erik Petersen