NKS 3539 4°: Breviarium (fragm.)





NKS 3539 4°: Breviarium (fragm.)

Parchment, 64 pieces of 38 ff., varying measures, e.g. c. 18,5 × 13; Denmark, saec. XV in.

52 pieces have been identified as pairs of the same leaves. The 26 full + 12 half leaves have been foliated 1-38 (full leaves with an a & b added on the two pieces). Measures vary due to the degree of cutting and other damages. The integrated halves of f. 3 measure c. 18,5 × 13 cm, other leaves slightly more or less

The alphabetical catalogue card, written by Ellen Jørgensen, describes NKS 3539 4° as ‘fragments of a breviary from Lund. 15th century’. In 1908 Jørgensen referred to it as ‘seemingly from Lund’. Tue Gad described it as ‘seemingly from the diocese of Roskilde’. In a preliminary description, seemingly by Merete Geert Andersen, it is stated that the fragments of NKS 3539 4° belong to ‘at least two different breviaries’

The secondary provenance of the pieces is recorded to be ‘accounts from the county of Kristianopel 1633-40’; they were received from the Danish National Archives ’1938 and earlier’. At least one leaf from the calendar was in the Royal Library in 1908, when Jørgensen referred to it in a publication

Ellen Jørgensen, Merete Geert Andersen and Tue Gad all seem to have contributed to the relative reconstruction of the breviary that is reflected in the foliation

Bibl.: Ellen Jørgensen, Fremmed Indflydelse under den danske Kirkes tidligste Udvikling, København 1908, p. 68 (188). - Unpublished notes by Ellen Jørgensen, Merete Geert Andersen & Tue Gad

Erik Petersen