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אגרת גניזת קהיר
Transcribed title
Letter (from the Cario Genizah)
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1 fol.
16,5 x 12,5 cm
Oriental Hebrew cursive script
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Country of origin
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Shelf mark
Cod. Sim. Jud.-Arab 6
The Judaica Collection: The David Simonsen Manuscripts
Selected references
Allony & Kupfer 1964, # 211
On the folder included in the digitization is written (in Danish, in Adler's hand): "To Chief Rabbi Simonsen fra גניזה [genizah] in the old synagogue in Fostat Egypt from yours truly E. N. Adler [i.e. Elkan Nathan Adler] 10. 3. 1896". Addition in David Simonsen's hand: "(Via [?] Gottf. Ruben)".
Tentative description of the contents by Dr. Amir Ashur, Tel Aviv Univeristy, Oct. 2012: "It seems to be a letter containing a legal query sent to the head of the Jews in Egypt, who is titled 'Sar Ha-Sarim', that is: the minister of all the ministers. This title was usually belonging to Sar Shalom Halevi, who was the head of the Jews for some time between 1171-1195. A closer look is required, but it looks like it deals with a debt that the writer has with his sister and her kids, and they are asking the Head of the Jews for his advice." (Quoted by permission.)
Analysis of the paper by Dr. Anne Regourd, Paris, July 2013 :"About the paper of the Geniza Judeo-Arabic document:
Oriental paper, bearing bright laid lines (20 laid lines = 4,1cm), they are curved, all the edges were cut off. The laid lines are perpendicular to the writings. No evidence of chain lines. Dark brown paper, humidity. No evidence of starch.Numerous restorations made using different papers, among them Japanese paper. The document was folded: One central folding, perpendicular to the script; four horizontal folding are still extant, one being the central one (even if it is not exactly in the middle).The scribe turned the document from left to right. Arabic numerals on the upper left corner? 1006 ? Carbone ink. Tiny particules glance on the surface, but they do not necessary come from the ink preparation. Pale ink from place to place." (Quoted by permission.)
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