NKS 135 c 8°: Libellus narrationum





NKS 135 c 8°: Libellus narrationum

Paper, 8 ff., ca. 19 × 13 cm; Germany (?), saec. XV

The manuscript is a single quire. It contains four edifying stories and the beginning of a fifth. The beginning of each story is marked by new line and a simple, rubricated initial. The first story begins on top of f. 1r. The fifth ends abruptly and has had a continuation in a following quire, now lost. Below the Latin text on f. 8v a line in Danish, written in runes, has been added, in Jørgensen's Catalogus transcribed as: "æftærsom at iæg kiæræ mæstær læurits mortænsøn i arnakki", the meaning of which is not clear but may perhaps be rendered ’inasmuch as I dear master Laurits Mortensen in Arnakke’. The graphic interpretation of i arnakki has been challenged. Referring to the paleography of the Latin text and the runic line, Jørgensen defined the provenance of the manuscript as Danish

The five stories in NKS 135 c 8° are also part of a major compilation, entitled Viaticum Narrationum, the text of which has been transmitted in ms GKS 380 2° in the RL. The precise relation between GKS 380 2° and NKS 135 c 8° has not been established

NKS 135 c 8° was incorporated in the New Royal Collection between 1832 and 1891. Its previous history is not known

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Erik Petersen