GKS 1335 4°: Evangelium Nicodemi





GKS 1335 4°: Evangelium Nicodemi

Parchment, 20 ff., 23,3 × 15,5 cm; saec. IX

The manuscript contains the apocryphical Evangelium Nicodemi, in GKS 1335 4° (as in other sources) called Gesta Saluatoris and Gesta de Christo Filio Dei. It was written in Greek in the 5th century and translated into Latin shortly after. The Latin version had a wide circulation in the Middle Ages. GKS 1335 4° is one of the oldest of more than 400 extant manuscripts in which the Latin text has been transmitted. - Liturgical elements with neumes have been added in the lower margins of f. 13v, 14r & 17v and on f. 20v

According to Bernhard Bischoff the manuscript was once part of the same codex as GKS 1943 4°. The contents of the two manuscripts may not support this hypothesis, but layout and palaeographaphy do suggest that they were made in the same scriptorium. As to the origin of the two manuscripts Bischoff suggest “Östliches Frankreich (?)”; he dates them to “IX. Jh., Ende”

The manuscript once belonged to Friedrich Lindenbrog (1573-1648), notes written by whom are found in GKS 1335 4° as well as in GKS 1943 4°. Lindenbrog seems to have made several manuscripts that he studied or saw in monasteries during a trip to Paris his own. Most of his medieval manuscripts were given to the library of Gottorp Castle in Schleswig, the manuscripts of which were transferred to Copenhagen in 1735. In the inventories of the collection at Gottorp from before the transfer the manuscripts are recorded as two individual units

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Erik Petersen