Fabr. 26 2°: Glossarium latinum "Abavus"





Fabr. 26 2°: Glossarium latinum "Abavus"

Parchment, 62 ff., 24,6 x 15,9 cm; saec. IX

In its present form the codex consists of 8 quires (3 x IV + III + 4 x IV). The inner bifolium of the 4th quire (between present f. 27 and 28) has been lost. More quires are missing after f. 62

On f. 1r faint traces of 17 or 18 lines of text with neumes are visible. On f. 1v the text has been erased, apart from "INCIPIVNT" (probably followed by Glossae). The page contained the first 26 words of the glossary, from Abavus to abiit. Elements of some words can still be discerned (e.g. the explanation to the word abiit: discessit at the bottom of the right column)

The lost bifolium between f. 27 and 28 contained the last words of the letter C and the fist of the letter D (from crepusculum to defaecatum). The text ends abruptly on f. 62v with the last word of the letter L (Lutulentus > Lutuosus). The remaining part of the glossary, from Mavors to Zephyrus, is no longer part of the codex

The manuscript once belonged to Marquard Gude (1635-1689). It was acquired by Johann Albert Fabricius (1668-1736) at the only partially completed auctions of Gude's manuscripts in Hamburg 1706 & 1709. Fabricius' manuscript collection was inherited by his son-in-law Hermann Samuel Reimarus, after whose death in 1768 it was bought as an ensemble by Copenhagen University Library in 1770. The entire University Library collection of manuscripts was incorporated into the Royal Library in 1938

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Erik Petersen