GKS 1377 4°: Biblia pauperum





GKS 1377 4°: Biblia pauperum

Parchment, 1 leaf, c. 23 × 16 cm; Germany, saec. XIV

Single leaf of a so-called Biblia Pauperum, with the Kiss of Judas in the central panel on the one page, and Judas and the silver pieces on the other

The accompanying text is in Low German, with tituli in Latin leonine hexameters

The fragment was discovered – along with ten other folios, all now lost – in the kitchen of a farmer on the island of Fyn c. 1700. In 1783 it turned up in the Royal Library among the papers of the historian and librarian Johannes Grammius (1685-1748). As one of the first medieval fragments it was included as an independent unit in the library's Old Royal Collection

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Erik Petersen