GKS 182 2°: Vita Anselmi. Vita Malachiae. Sermo





GKS 182 2°: Vita Anselmi. Vita Malachiae. Sermo

Parchment, 48 ff.; 33 x 22,3 cm; France, c. 1200

The manuscript contains the following texts:

1r-30v: Eadmerus, Vita sancti Anselmi Cantuariensis

30v-47v: Bernardus Clarevallensis abbas, Vita sancti Malachiae Hiberniensis episcopi

47v-48r: Bernardus Clarevallensis abbas, Sermo de Sancto Malachia (Sermo in transitu S. Malachiae)

The ornamentation includes two historierated initials on f. 1r: in the Q (Quoniam) of the prologue a monk writing at his desk represents the author of the vita, Eadmer. The I of the first word of liber primus (Instituta) is shaped as a tall bishop, representing Saint Anselm of Canterbury. He is, in a somewhat ungentle manner, located on the head of a tiny person who is pressed down by the weight

The manuscript belonged to the library of Gottorp in Schleswig, whose manuscripts were transferred to Copenhagen in 1735. It is closely related to another manuscript from the same library, GKS 181 2°

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Erik Petersen