GKS 2022 4°: Lucanus, Pharsalia





GKS 2022 4°: Lucanus, Pharsalia

Parchment, 101 ff., ca. 20,5 × 12 cm; Italy ?, 1100-1150

All ten books of Pharsalia have been copied and preserved in the codex. Several interlinear and marginal annotations have been added to the text, many of which are now difficult to read due to fading, wearing and use of tiny script. These problems have made most of the last page of the codex illegible

To judge from the script Thomas, whose name appears as owner on f. 1r, must be identical with one of the two persons who wrote their names as owners on f. 1r in the Lucanus codex GKS 2024 4°

The manuscript was acquired by the Royal Library at the auction of the Chapter Library of Hamburg in 1784. It was paginated and signed by Johann Martin Winckler, appointed secretary to the chapter in 1727. The manuscript was rebound during the reign of King Frederik VI (1808-1839)

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Erik Petersen