GKS 2032 4°: Iuvenalis, Saturae





GKS 2032 4°: Iuvenalis, Saturae

Parchment, 46 ff., c. 23,5 × 13,5 cm; saec. XII

The manuscript contains Juvenal’s 16 satires, the last three in the sequence XIV, XVI, XV. Of Sat. XV only the vv. 1-127 have been copied. Vv. 112-127 are copied on the upper part of f. 46v, in a hand that differs from the one that copied the rest of Juvenal’s text. There are traces of erased text on the lower part of the page. The missing section of Sat. XV (vv. 128-174) equals close to one page of text in the manuscript. Sporadic interlinear and marginal glosses have been added to the text. Quire-signatures are found in the lower margins of f. 8v, 24v, 32v & 40v

The division of the satires into books has been marked at Sat. I, VI, VII, X & XIII on f. 1r (Incipit liber Iuuenalis), f. 12v, in marg. (Iuuenalis lib. I explicit, incipit II), 20v (Incipit liber III), 28v (Incipit liber quartus) & 37r (Incipit liber quintus). The satires are not numerated. Apart from I, VI, VII & XVI they are headed by titles, in most cases copied in the line preceding the satire. At Sat. V the title is placed at the end of the last verse of Sat. IV. At Sat XI is has been added in the margin. At Sat. X & XIII the titles share a line with the incipits of liber IV & liber V. The line left open for the heading before Sat. XVI is blank

The manuscript was acquired by the Royal Library at the auction of the Chapter Library of Hamburg in 1784. It was revised and signed on f. 46v by Johann Martin Winckler, appointed secretary to the chapter in 1727. His figure of the number of folia ("Fol. 44") must be a slip of the pen or a miscount. The manuscript was rebound during the reign of King Christian VIII (1839-1848)

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Erik Petersen