GKS 2028 4°: Persius, Saturae





GKS 2028 4°: Persius, Saturae

Parchment, 24 ff., c. 23 × 15,5 cm; Germany, saec. XI

The codex consists of 3 quires. It contains the 6 satires of A. Persius Flaccus (numbered I-V in the incipits & explicits), prefaced by the choliambi. M. Valerius Probus’ Vita Persii was added on the last page of the ms. in the 12th century. The text is explained in numerous marginal and interlinear glosses. Glosses in the margins are linked to the text by letters in alphabetical sequences. The word ciconia (Sat. I.58) on f. 3r is glossed storch in Old High German

The ms. belonged to the monastery of St. Panthaleon in Cologne, cf. ex libris on f. 24v; an older ex libris on f. 24r has been erased. At an unknown date it was acquired by the Danish scientist Ole Rømer (1644-1710), later to become the property of Christian Reitzer (1665-1736), who donated it to the philologist and book collector Frederik Rostgaard (1671-1745) (cf. note by the latter in ms. NKS 275c 8° f. 42, quoted by Jørgensen). In 1726 it was acquired by count Christian Danneskiold-Samsøe, after whose death it was bought by the Royal Library in 1732

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Erik Petersen