Khen ze chin van (no. 7): 1.-6 texts





Khen ze chin van (no. 7): 1.-6 texts

The texts are a part of the Khen ze chin van collection, no. 6. Khen ze chin van alias Prince Yun-li (Kengse qinwang)(1697-1738 CE) have added his personal stamp on the title pages, e.g. the manuskript can be dated to the early part of 18th Century.

This collection was acquired by the Dane Sophus Black in 1920's during his stay in Beijing for The Great Nordic Telegraph-Company.

The texts have been described in: Catalogue of Tibetan Manuscripts af Hartmut Buescher og Tarab Tulku, Copenhagen: Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Curzon, 2000, se side 910 og s. 1036.

Prins Yunli is described in: Prince Yunli (1697-1738) - Manchu Statesman and Tibetan Buddhist af Vladimir L. Uspensky. Tokyo: Institute for the study of languages and cultures of Asia and Africa, 1997.

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