GKS 1988 4°: Priscianus, Institutiones Grammaticae





GKS 1988 4°: Priscianus, Institutiones Grammaticae

Parchment, 138 ff., c. 22,5 × 16 cm ; c. 1100

The manuscript contains books I-XVI of Priscianus' Institutiones Grammaticae in 18 books, often copied separetely under the title Ars major

An irregularity can be observed at the end of the manuscript. Originally f. 137 followed f. 134. In between f. 135 & 136 were inserted. The pages 135r, 135v & 136r are copied by a hand slightly younger than the rest of the manuscript, and in a different layout. F. 135r begins with the text also copied on the 5 last lines of f. 134v. The rest of 135r, 135v and 136r contain the remaing text of lib. XVI ending with sidera polus. F. 136v contains notes in an informel and idiosyncratic script. F. 137 contains the text of XVI, 6-13 (“suas uictis compagibus ... inter alias species inueniuntur. Vt” = Grammatici Latini III, ed. M. Hertzius, Lipsiae 1859, 96.20-102.15), continuing the last words of f. 134v (”... radice uetusta effudere” = GL III 96.20). Thus the text XVI, 6-13 (”Inuenitur tamen etiam... inter alias species inueniuntur” = GL III 96.14-102.15) has been copied twice in the manuscript. On f. 138r there is a brief note, probably written by Friedrich Lindenbrog. 138v contains notes, now almost illegible, written in one or more medieval hands. - Jørgensen's description of the manuscript as a ”liber mutilus et male compactus” is hardly correct

The manuscript once belonged to the abbey of Saint-Victor in Paris. This is documented by a signature (f. 1r, damaged), by an exlibris (f. 3r), and by a note written by a Saint-Victor librarian (f. 136r). The manuscript is not listed in Claude de Grandrues catalogue of manuscripts of the abbey of Saint-Victor from 1514, which indicates that it was not kept in the reading room, but in the parvum armarium or inferior bibliotheca. It must be assumed that it was still in the library of the abbey around the year 1600, when Friedrich Lindenbrog (1573-1648) made this and several other manuscripts his own. Most of Lindenbrog's medieval manuscripts were given to the library of Gottorp Castle in Schleswig, the manuscripts of which were transferred to Copenhagen in 1735

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Erik Petersen