GKS 454 2°: Chronica





GKS 454 2°: Chronica

Parchment, 42 ff., ca. 30,5 × 21,5 cm; 1100-1150

The text on f. 1r–41v is an anonymous chronicle based on Hieronymus and Prosper Aquitanus, covering the period from the Creation to the first half of the seventh century. On f. 41v–42r excerpts from Orosius, pseudo-Varro, Vergilius, Pomponius Mela and Sallustius have been copied in two later hands

A late medieval foliation of the leaves as 246-287 reflects the previous location of GKS 454 2° in a volume that belonged to the Abbey of Saint-Victor in Paris. The volume also contained mss. GKS 497 2° in the Royal Library and Lat. 14618 in Bibliothèque Nationale de France, both of which were copied in the 15th century. It also included two further elements, both lost but known thanks to Claude de Grandrue’s repertory of manuscripts in the Abbey of Saint-Victor from 1514. In Claude de Grandrue’s repertory GKS 454 2° is quoted as Cronica brevis a mundi exordio usque ad papam Deusdedit, quartum post sanctum Gregorium

The manuscript was later acquired by Friedrich Lindenbrog (1573-1648), who wrote his name in the upper margin of f. 1r. Following the path of most of Lindenbrog’s medieval manuscripts even GKS 454 2° and GKS 497 2° were incorporated into the ducal library at Gottorp Castle in Schleswig, where Friedrich’s brother Heinrich Lindenbrog acted as a librarian. The entire collection of manuscripts at Gottorp Castle were taken over by the Danish king and transferred to Copenhagen in 1735

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Erik Petersen