Literature Searches for a Fee

Copenhagen University Library  (CULIS)
Copenhagen University Library performs literature searches (mainly for journal articles) in our subject areas.

  • The library creates the search strategy from the information on the topic and what it will be used for provided by the customer.
  • The search result is a reference list - not the articles themselves.
  • The references in your literature list will normally include the title, author, source and when available an abstract.

Price per database for up to 30 minutes of searching and 100 references is 225 DKK. Customers will be contacted in advance if the price is will be higher than 225 DKK per bibliographic database.

The base price is 6000 DKK and includes search strategy creation, planning and delivery of search results once a month for 12 months.
Continued subscriptions cost  4000 DKK / year unless there are significant changes.

Other document management assignments and subject enquiries
The library’s services are based on the principle of help to self-help. Copenhagen University Library may perform document management assignments and subject enquiries on request.

  • The hourly rate is DKK 430.00
  • Urgent matters are executed with an additional extra charge of 50 %

Before an assignment is executed there must be a written agreement on the size of the assignment including setting of price.

The National Library
The National Library offers a range of topic searches, research assistance, etc.  

  • The hourly fee is 430 DKK
  • Express inquiries can be performed for a 50% surcharge