Pay your fees online

You can now pay your library fees online, if you owe the library money for late fees, international library borrowing charges, etc. It's easy and secure and you don't need to come to the library.

The library uses DIBS Payment Services, when you pay your fees online. You can use Dankort, Visa and other credit cards. Your payment is secure and certified by PBS

How to pay

You can see if you have any unpaid fees, when you are logged into your user status in Rex, and pay these over the internet. Click on "Pay fine" and enter your payment information in the new window which opens. The payment amount is automatically entered, as only full payments are accepted online.

Your payment is transferred to the library after you click "Complete Payment".

There are no additional charges associated with paying your library fees online.

Shortly after paying, your user status will be updated and show that amount has been paid, and you will now longer be blocked from borrowing and renewing items because of unpaid library fees.

It is only possible to pay your fees in cash at the lending desk in the Black Diamond.