How to obtain copies of materials in the collections of the Royal Danish Library

There are already large quantities of digital copies of the materials of the Royal Danish Library and in many cases you can also download them free of charge (see e.g. Digital collections). But there are still many items in the collections that are not available online and from time to time, files of types other than the ones we make available free of charge may also be needed. As a consequence, you can order digital copies as TIFF or JPEG files. As the only type of material, aerial photographs can also be delivered as a physical copy.

Please note! If you want to order paper copies, or copies delivered as a PDF file, of printed material, you can read more here about the options available to you.

In order for us to be able to supply digital copies of the materials of the Royal Danish Library, we ask you to complete the web form to which there is a link at the bottom of this page. You will be steered through a number of questions and options, and on the basis of your replies, we will investigate whether the material can be delivered as the type of digital copy you want. After that, we will return to you by email with the result of our investigations, as well as an offer with an estimate of the final price. Please note, that no order will go into production without your consent to our offer.

When you buy a copy from The Royal Danish Library collections, the library reserves the right to subsequently make the digital copy of the material available on our website

Before you complete the web form, you are welcome to familiarise yourself with our guidelines on completing the form and our price list (with information on delivery and payment) and to read our pages on copyright and on our processing of your personal data.

We endeavour to reply to your inquiry within ten working days.

Please note that the Royal Danish Library only delivers digital copies of materials in conformance with Danish copyright laws.

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