The Royal Library has many resources that may be of interest for genealogists with (or without) Jewish ancestry and/or with an interest in Jewish history. The reference collections of Reading Room West contain several reference works with information about family names etc., though primarily Eastern and Central European, as well as different reference works regarding historical and social conditions. Mention can be made of The Encyclopedia of Jewish life before and during the Holocaust, a shortened partial translation of  פנקס הקהילות (a partial parallel translation is also available through the site, see below).

The David Simonsen Archives hold many documents pertaining to Danish-Jewish history (ca. 1870-1932), and many prospective immigrants to Denmark were in touch with the Rabbi and philanthropist David Simonsen before coming to Denmark. Also the private archives in collections of the Manuscript Department may hold documents of interest. In the  National Danish Collections, and the Collection of Pamphlets and Corporate Publications in particular, can be found community flyers, pamphlets, newspapers and other publications in Danish, Hebrew and Yiddish, in which can be found articles and announcements tesitfying to a person's share in different aspects of the Danish-Jewish culture.