Ane Kierkegaard (1768-1834)

Kierkegaard's family and Regine Olsen

Michael Pedersen Kierkegaard lost his first wife after two years of marriage; before the year of mourning was over he had made his serving girl pregnant, and married her in haste. As good as nothing is known of her. Søren never mentions her, Peter Christian only extremely rarely. To judge from the scarce sources she was evidently a pleasant little round woman with an unpretentious and contented character. She could not write, her signature on public documents is clearly done by a guided pen; perhaps she could read a little, but hardly anything profound, one of the few books she owned was characteristically Historiske Salmer og Riim til Børnelærdom [Historical Hymns and Rhymes for Teaching Children].

Ane Kierkegaard

This picture is shown by courtesy of The Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castle