Royal Identification Marks

Identification marks on books in the Royal Library, Copenhagen



Royal Identification Marks (Kongelige Kendetegn) is a web exhibition which, by means of illustrations and descriptions of ownership marks, shelf marks, and other characteristics, demonstrates how to recognize books from the old collections of the Royal Library. Royal Identification Marks was originally conceived as a result of the numerous book thefts from the Library and was devised as a tool to identify books belonging to the Library. At the same time the exhibition is to be seen as a book and library historical resource to be continuously expanded.

The exhibition falls into two main parts:
• Marks of the Royal Library, i.e. royal monograms, Danish national coats of arms, shelf marks, and bindings made for the Royal Library.
• Private ownership marks, i.e. marks, ex libris, and bindings made for and by private collectors whose libraries were eventually incorporated into the Royal Library.