KATALOG (Catalogue) by Fuzzy

– a musical decoration of The Black Diamond

The atrium in The Black Diamond. From the front of the cd

The music piece Katalog by the composer Fuzzy is a new artistic decoration for The Black Diamond, commissioned by The Royal Library. As a sounding ornament in "The Gap" - as the atrium with the wavy balconies is called in the library - every day for about three minutes one of the 52 compositions sounds, written in the musical genre electro-acoustical compositional music.

With this project an outstanding concert hall has been created for this kind of music, and the project gives the opportunity of the daily playing of Katalog. The 52 parts of the work - one for each week of the year - get their inspiration from one of the treasures of the library - a manuscript, a photo, a book, or a piece of music. The composition thus functions at the same time as a memory of the presence of music in the library in an interplay with the painter Per Kirkeby's decoration of the ceiling at the C-level and a promotion of the collection supplemented by an indication of the passing of time.

The music is played via a permanent installation based on a computerized 12-channel "orchestra of loudspeakers", in which every loudspeaker can be programmed with its individual "orchestral part". Four loudspeakers are installed in the ceiling of each of the three balcony levels.

At 1 p.m. you have the possibility to look up from your books, strech your leges and - for three minutes, no more no less - enjoy that the huge space is filled with music. Music which is experienced differently according to where you stand or move around.

The project Music at One and the composition KATALOG has been made possible through grants from the Year 2000-Foundation under the Ministry of Research and from receipts from state lotteries.