Music at One - CD

By Fuzzy.

DKr. 129,-



Danish composer Fuzzy’s electro-acoustical work Catalogue - comments in sound and music on 52 selected treasures of the library - was commissioned by The Royal Library and composed in 2001-02 to be played in the atrium of the library facing the harbour. Since January 2002, one of the 52 pieces has been played every day between 1.00 and 1.04 p.m. - the same piece each day of the week, with a new piece the following week.

The project is an attempt to use the unique architecture of The Black Diamond musically, especially the atrium, with its bridges, the curving balconies, the glass walls of the reading rooms, the northern and southern glass fronts, the view of the sky through the glass wood and the view of the harbour entrance.

The CD presents a selection of 20 of Catalogue’s 52 pieces, adapted by the composer from the original 12-channel version to a stereo version. Even if each piece is an indivicual compositon, the composer has in his selection and ordering attempted to create one dynamic composition. The feeling of space created by the 12-channel “loudspeaker orchestra” of The Black Diamond is of course lost; instead, the CD version is an invitation to more careful listening to each composition and its connection with the relevant manuscript, print, drawing or photo; the 20 selected documents from the collections that have given inspiration to Fuzzy are reproduced in the booklet, including both a bibliographic description of the document in question and Fuzzy’s own description of the relation between the picture and the music.

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