Danish West Indies

In the 2016, the Royal Danish Library digitized more than 200.000 pages from the library’s collections all of which related to the former colony of West Indies. 

This includes boks and other printed matter, but also sheet music, manuscripts, personal archives, photographs and drawings. The digitzed materials were published as part of activities that marked the centennial of the sale of the West Indies from Denmark to the US.

These materials shed light on an important part of Denmark's past as colonial power and complement the source materials relating to the political and administrative history that has already been digitized by the National Archives. The source material found in the library illuminates personal experience and living conditions, thus allowing for a greater understanding of everyday life in the colonies.

The purpose of the digitization is to contribute to make the multifacetted heritage available to anyone who wishes to get closer to the past and use it for his or her own narratives.