Old collection of foreign prints

The Old collection is The Royal Library's stocks of foreign prints from about 1450 up to 1949. The cataloguing of the collection was initiated in the beginning of the 19th century and consists of 530,000 handwritten catalogue cards and 159 big registers (266 volumes), covering all kinds of subjects.

Today this type of prints ic acquired by the Royal Library, Copenhagen University Library - all can be searched in the database REX.

The old catalogues are about to be digitized and put into REX, but not all registers - and thus not all subjects - are yet searchable. If you look for an old foreign book and you do not find it in REX, it does not necessarily mean that it is not in the library. Try the catalogue cards or the systematic registers, placed in The Black Diamond.

Please notice that the old collections from the Copenhagen University Library are all searchable in REX.


Special collections of old books

  • Books, peridicals and articles about a special subject or person, f.i.: Clemenceau; dysmorfism; costumes; Esperanto; The Great War; Groenlandica; Selma Lagerløf; Adam Oehlenschläger.
  • Books, periodicals and articles about a special purpose:
    Søren Lintrup's collection of dissertations; the song collection; Otto Jespersen's Collection; Law collection; Nazi collection; Tage La Cour's study  collection, prize dissertations from the University of Copenhagen since 1920.
  • Collections of dissertations; head master speeches; foreign newspapers; microfilm of Danish capital papers until 1960 at Reading Room East