The Arabian Journey 1761-1767 in the collections of The Royal Library and on

Cod. Arab. 128, fol. 2b (detail)

The Arabian Journey (1761-1767) brought many treasures to Denmark, not the least of which were more than a hundred manuscripts, today in the collections of The Royal Library. On this page you find links to introductory texts about the expedition and its background etc., but also more about the collections, to which the manuscripts belong today, as well as links to digital facsimile edition, with browsing facilities - available for perusal here and now, or on your own computer at home! Enjoy!

Introduction: The Arabian Journey, 1761-1767

The Oriental Collection
Manuscripts in the Oriental Collection

Digital facsimile editions of manuscript acquired by members of The Arabian Journey, 1761-1767
- see also this overview of all digital facsimile editions in Arabic.

The Judaica Collection

Hebrew manuscripts acquired by F.C. von Haven (member of The Arabian Journey)

'After lengthy perambulations, much trouble and some Intrigues' - on Frederik Christian von Haven's acquisition of Hebrew manuscripts in Egypt  

Manuscripts in the Judaica Collection