Digitized Chinese materials

Chinese pictorial works 

Ershiba fojiao zhi xiang (28 pictures of Buddhist deities) (Anonymous)

Xichu ninhua (戲齣年畫; Chinese opera illustrations)

 民间年画 (New Year prints)

來富唱山歌前後本 ; 八美比武 (Popular prints)

Polupar goods (伏羲 etc.)

Chinese block prints
Pipa ji by Gao Ming from the collection: Yuefu yushu, 1599 CE


Shuihu zhuan juan 15-19 ca. 1600 (From the novel Water magins)


Xinjuan quanxiang Mayi xiangfa 1741 (Physiognomy, Chiromancy and fortune-telling.)

Dianbao jielüe 1873 CE (An outline of telegraphy)

Dianbao xinshu 1872 CE (number-code to the Chinese telegraphy)
Dianxin xinfa 1871 (new number-code to the Chinese telegraphy)

Almanac in Chinese from 1846 CE

Cansang hebian 1844 CE (Silk production)  

Yuli chaozhuan jingshi (Exhortation to moral behaviour pattern with illustrations)

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 Chinese manuscripts

The International Dunhuang Project (IDP)
Within this project, the Royal Library's collection of 14 Dunhuang scrolls (containing 16 differents texts) has been digitised and made available online.