The South Asian collection

Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

The South Asian collection consists of manuscripts (including palm-leaves), printed books (monographs and journals), microfilms and AV-materials, and a small collection of objects related to the art of the South Asian book.

Search for printed books in the online catalogue REX. Use Latin letters in transcription.  
Manuscripts may only be used in Reading Room West. In the old Latin catalogue: Codices Orientales Bibliothecæ Regiæ Havniensis (published by  Westergaard & Mehren, 1846-1857) the Indian manuscripts can be located in vol. 1, pp. 1-110 and Urdu in vol. 3, pp.. 73-75. Access to a PDF-version for print, clic here (vol. 1) and here for vol. 3 (go to pdf pp. 77-78).
Godakumbura, C. E.: Catalogue of Ceylonese manuscripts [COMDC 1], København: Det Kongelige Bibliotek 1980 (searchable (b/w) file)

The collection has Indo-European languages (fx  Sanskrit and Hindi) and Dravidian languages (e.g. Tamil and  Malayalam).