Catalogue of Yao Manuscripts

Catalogue of Yao Manuscripts.
By Bent Lerbæk Pedersen NIAS Press- Det Kongelige Bibliotek, 2016.

A new catalogue presenting a special collection of Yao manuscripts in Chinese. They were acquired in North Thailand in 1970 by Jesper Trier, the former chief conservator at Moesgaard Museum in Denmark. The collection consists of 36 manuscripts and one Chinese block print.

The Yao minority belongs to the Miao-Yao language group, but because of their origins in Northern China, they use Chinese as their written language. Nowadays they live in South China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. Some of them have migrated to Europe and North America. In the recent years, the Yao culture has been rapidly changing and thus the materials presented in the catalogue reflect a traditional Yao society that cannot be observed any longer.