Collections from individuals



The composer C.E.F. Weyse’s Collection

Received as a present by will from the composer in 1842. Contains music manuscripts and printed music from the 18th century supplemented by Weyse’s handwritten compositions. The collection is catalogued in REX.


Erik Dal: "Peter Grønland 1761-1825. En holstensk musikdyrker i København", in: Fund og Forskning VII, 1960, p. 120-24

H. & Fr. Rung’s Music Archive

The collection from the composer Henrik Rung (1807-1872) and his son Frederik Rung (1854-1914) contains about 3,000 volumes of printed music (sveral first printings) of music from the 17th and 18th centuries, partly copies of especially classical Italian vocal music and several Danish autographs. Also Henrik and Frederik Rung’s own works are well represented. The collection was founded in the 1830s and was acquiered by The Royal Library in the beginning of the 1950s after the organist P.S. Rung-Keller. It is catalogued in REX.


Sven Lunn: "Henrik Rung og hans Musiksamling ", in: Berlingske Tidende, March 2nd, 1955.

Giedde’s Collection 

In 1791-93 V.H.R.R. Giedde (1756-1816), chamberlain, was head of The Royal Chapel and an enthusiastic music amateur with the flute as his main instrument. His collection mostly contains flute music from the 18th century, printed as well as handwritten, which after his death was included in the Court Music Archive. In 1903 The Royal Library acquiered the Court Music Archive and thus also Giedde’s collection. It is catalogued in REX,  and all of the pieces can be found online in digitised versions.


Inge Bittmann: Catalogue of Giedde's Music Collection in the Royal Library of Copenhagen. Copenhagen 1976. 198 p. (View the preface as pdf file)

The Aalholm Collection (Otto Ludvig Raben)

A collection of handwritten and printed music, discovered in 1991 by dr.phil. Jens Henrik Koudal. The collection once belonged to count Otto Ludvig Raben (1730-1791) from Christiansholm (comprises the manor houses Aalholm and Bramsløkke at the island Lolland, Denmark), and it contains a lot of chamber music from the second half of the 18th century. Music for the flute occupies a prominent position. The flute was count Raben's favourite instrument which is why several flute concertos can be found here. Among the composers can be mentioned G.B. Pergolesi, J.J.Quantz, K.J. Toeschi, G.B. Viotti, J. Haydn, and I. Pleyel, and three flute concertos by J.A. Scheibe among other works are regarded as unique. The music was acquired to The Royal Library in 1996-97. Certain parts of the collections are found on microfilm only, among them the count's diaries and his own flute books. The collection is catalogued in REX.


Jens Henrik Koudal: "Nodefundet på Aalholm Slot - en kort præsentation", Cæcilia 2 (1994) s. 265-78
Jens Henrik Koudal: "Den fløjtende greve", Siden Saxo 9/1 (1992) s. 2-8

Rischel and Birket-Smith’s Collection

The Danish engineer Thorvald Rischel (1861-1939) was an eager guitar player, and his collection contains a number of printed and handwritten works by Napoléon Coste, Fernando Sor, and J.K. Mertz plus many others, especially 19th century composers. After his death the collection was divided, and The Royal Library acquiered a small part, while the main part went to the librarian and guitar player Frederik Birket-Smith (1880-1952). After his death the whole collection was included in The Royal Library. It is catalogued in REX, and all of the pieces can be found online in digitised versions.


Catalogue of the Rischel and Birket-Smith Collection of Guitar Music in the Royal Library of Copenhagen. Compiled by Jytte Torpp Larsson. Edited by Peter Danner. Columbus (USA), 1989, 263 p. 250 DKr. (paperback), 300 DKr. (hardback)

Jytte Torpp Larsson: "Rischel's og Birket-Smith's nodesamlinger i Det Kongelige Biblioteks Musikafdeling", in: Magasin, 5/1 (1990) p. 57-69

Dan Fog’s Collections 

In 1993 The Royal Library acquiered dr. phil. h.c. Dan Fog’s collections and archive of Danish music history and music distribution about 1785-1930. The collection contains printed and handwritten music (grouped according to composer or theme) and literarily material to illustrate Danish music history, among that a thorough documentation of Danish music printing and music publishers and excerpts from papers and periodicals. The collection is registered in Dan Fogs Samlinger. Vejledning ved Klaus Møllerhøj and Samling 1-85 + suppl. Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Musikafdelingen 1995. Read more about Dan Fog's Collections here (in Danish only).


Dan Fog: "Dansk musikhistorie og musikformidling ca. 1800-1950", in: Magasin 10/2 (September 1995) p. 3-22