The Orchestral Collection

EFTER - kta-samling teater noder bevaringsafd

The Orchestral Collection comprises about 8,000 printed and about 12,000 handwritten orchestral and choir parts for performance purposes. It serves as center for lending this type of material and as a study collection for old orchestral music and dramatic music.

The Orchestral Collection contains music from Danish orchestras such as Københavns Harmoniorkester [Copenhagen Wind Orchestra], Dansk Musiker Forbund [Danish Trade Union of Musicians], Musikforeningen [The Music Society], Cæciliaforeningen [The Cecilia Society] and Det Kongelige Teater [The Royal Theatre].

Catalogue: REX

Printed catalogue: Orkesterkatalog [Orchestral catalogue] by Kurt Ferré Andersen. Copenhagen, 1993 (comprises lending material only).