The Music Collection


The Music Collection at the Royal Danish Library collects, preserves, and make available the Danish cultural heritage of music, primarily sheet music and recordings - in physical and digital form. Most of the materials are registered in the library's catalogue, REX.

A lot of the sheet music has been digitised and can be seen and printed via the home page.

The Collections

The Music Collection includes the following main collections:

The music is mostly for use at a reading room in The Black Diamond except the foreign sheet music, which can mostly be checked out, and the orchestral material, which can bo borrowed by orchestras and choirs.

Search and guidance

What is primarily documented in the Music Collection, are the musical works (in the broadest sense). If you are interested in other types of materiale (e.g. pictures, books, archival material) please consult the library's other collections. If you study musicology at the University of Copenhagen, then have a look at the KUB subject guide.

 Read more about the collection's staff, history and international projects under About the Music Collection.