The Aerial Photograph Collection

The collection of Aerial Photographs is comprised of about 4 million images - positives as well as negatives - from 10 different companies. The photographs show rural estates and properties, townscapes and pictures of companies and factories. There are two types of aerial photographs, vertical photographs, primarily taken for map-making , and oblique photographs, mostly used for illustrations.

Oblique photographs:
The airplane is relatively close to the subject, and the picture is taken at an oblique angle. These pictures were taken for commercial purposes.

Example of an oblique photo: Fur harbour, Sylvest Jensen, 1958.


Sylvest Jensen Luftfoto (1936-1986). This firm photographed the whole country; first and foremost farms and village properties, but also companies, public buildings and townscapes. Sylvest Jensen Luftfoto is the largest company of this type.

Odense Luftfoto (1949-1966) and Ålborg Luftfoto (1948-1967) covers Jutland and Funen. Odense Luftfoto also photographed western Zealand and Bornholm. The subjects are mostly agricultural estates and properties and villages. Ålborg Luftfoto has also focused on fishing vessels.

Dansk Luftfoto
(1986-1992). Colour photographs, covers almost the whole country, only individual properties.

Dansk Luftfoto
(1989): The Faroe Islands. Covers especially individual properties but also landscapes.

Nordisk Luftfoto
(1928-1933) is one of the smaller companies, which photographed all over the country (larger farms, etates and townscapes).

(1935-1967) and Aero Express (1933-1947) are typical Copenhagen based companies, yet they also have a large number of pictures from the provinces. Subjects: companies, factories and townscapes.

Vertical photos

Vertical photos are taken from a great height and the camera is held strictly vertical. The purpose of this type of photography is map-making and various military functions.


Example of a vertical photo: Korsør Harbour, Flyvertaktisk Kommando, 1985.


Geodætisk (Geodetical) Institut
(1922-1939) covered only part of the country, as did the pictures taken by the German Luftwaffe during World War II.

Air Force Tactical Command
(1985-1992) has photographed Denmark several times.