Reproductions of manuscripts or rare books

Ordering PDF copies, photocopies or high resolution photographs
Orders of copies must be submitted to or to the reading room staff. When ordering, please specify exactly what is to be reproduced.

It is possible to order

  • High quality TIF images (300 dpi) for publication (print/web) purposes
  • Lower resolution JPEG (1200x900 pixels) images

Please consult the price list here. Delivery times are normally 2-3 weeks.

It may also be possible to order lower resolution PDF scans of newer materials. The Manuscript Collection can advice about the price of lower resolution scans.

Orders are always subject to reservations if the material is particularly fragile, valuable or for restricted use only.

As an alternative you can request permission to photograph materials in the Manuscript Collection with your own device (without flash) in the reading room. This is normally allowed for all materials that are not too fragile or subject to copyright (i.e. the author/correspondents must have been deceased for more than 70 years). Materials for restricted use only may never be reproduced unless you hold an explicit permission from the author or his or her heirs.

Reproductions and copyright
Motives from the Royal Danish Library’s older collections may be reproduced without permission, but please credit the Royal Danish Library as follows: Royal Danish Library, [shelf mark (work ID)], [title], [page number]. Newer materials may be subject to copyright laws or other legislation, and any use contrary to the relevant regulations is liable to punishment and the payment of damages.

When you buy a copy from The Royal Danish Library collections, the library reserves the right to subsequently make the digital copy of the material available on our website