Ordering and use of manuscripts

Order manuscripts
Manuscripts can be seen in the Research Reading Room. Please order through the library's catalog REX.

Please register as a user here and log in. If you are a researcher not affiliated with the Universities of Copenhagen or Roskilde, please register as a private user.

Search for the material you wish to see in REX by the title of the manuscript and/or author, or shelf mark/work ID (e.g. 'NKS 3421 kvart', 'Thott 958 oktav', or 'Acc. 1990/24')*. You can limit your search to 'manuscripts' under 'Resource' in the menu.

In some cases additional information about the material or detailed descriptions of the archive are available under 'Links'.

In some archives the boxes have been individually registered, most manuscript materials must be ordered manually (through a manual form). In the relevant catalog record you can see which option is available:

  • Indidually registered material: If the material has been individually registered, you can order specific boxes/volumes under 'Get it' and the relevant 'Location'. Please insert your latest date of interest.
    You can also make a reservation for 'checked out' materials. 
  • Not individually registered material: If the text under 'Location' says that no items are registered, it is not possible to order the individual boxes automatically. In this case choose 'Make a request'. This leads to a pre-completed form.
    Under 'Notes' please indicate which specific parts of the archive you wish to see (e.g. boxes 10-12, letters from XX to XX) if you only need a portion of the material in the archive or the archive is large.
    Please indicate the first day you wish to consult the material.

You will receive an e-mail once the material is ready for use in the reading room.

Under normal circumstances it is possible to order up to 10 units. If you need to order a large quantity the staff will distribute the orders over the days of your visit, or collect a part of the material for your day of arrival and ask you to fill in manual forms upon your arrival. In this case please contact the Manuscript Collection at contact@kb.dk to make specific arrangements.

If it is not possible to order through REX, or you have any questions, please send an e-mail to contact@kb.dk.

When ordering through mail, please carefully note the relevant shelf mark, name(s) of authors or correspondents, content/title, which parts of the archive you wish to see and your date of arrival as well as your name and address.

Please also order well in advance in order for us to prepare the materials for you.  It may take 48 hours (Saturday, Sunday and holidays are not included). Please note, that some materials are located in remote stacks which means that orders may take up to a week. This is indicated in the catalog record. For more information, see the library's page on delivery.

Prior to using the material you must register as a new user (here). In the reading room you will receive a form for the special Reading Room ID card, which is required for consulting manuscripts and special materials. Please bring your passport.

*Please note that in cases where the format is a part of the shelf mark, the format will be spelled (with letters) in Danish: 2°: 'folio', 4°: 'kvart, 8°: 'oktav'. This means that for instance you will not find the record for the Guaman Poma chronicle by searching for 'GKS 2232 4°'. Instead 'GKS 2232 kvart' will return the correct result.
The names of some of the collections may also be abbreaviated differently than in older references (e.g. GKS = Old Royal Collection/Gl. kgl. Samling, NKS = New Royal Collection/Ny kgl. Samling, Rostg. = Rostgaard, Utilg./Tilg.= Ut.). Please contact the Manuscript Collection if in doubt, or ask in the Reading Room.