Special collections

Note: unless otherwise noted, the collections are NOT in the online catalogue REX, but registered separately. Inquire here

A. Danish literature in general

Hielmstierne-Rosencroneske Collection
The most important of the Danish special collections, donated to The Royal Library in 1807, it contains some 9,000 volumes of books printed in Denmark and Norway before 1807 as well as books by Danes printed abroad. Books printed in the 15th and 16th centuries are especially well represented, including 125 volumes printed before 1551, many of which are unique. 
The titles are registrered in the online catalogue REX.

Vilh. Bruun's collection
3.000 volumes of mostly Danish literature, collected by Vilh. Bruun (1858-1917) whose main interests were
Danish bookbindings and bookcraft.

Mario Krohn's collection
600 original editions of Danish fiction from the late 16th and early 17th centuries, bequeathed to the library in 1922.

Johs. Brøndum-Nielsen's collection
Danish fiction from 1700 to1900, many original editions, and volumes of literary criticism. Part of the collection is placed in Reading Room West and registered in REX.

B. Individual authors and subjects

Holger Laage-Petersen's Hans Christian Andersen collection
4.500 volumes of Hans Christian Andersen's printed works and works about him, including some of his manuscripts. The collections also includes items connected with the writer. Bequeathed to the library in 1954.

Arne Portman's Hans Christian Andersen collection
Books by and about Hans Christian Andersen, including some items connected with the writer. Manuscripts, paper cuttings and letters from the collection now in the Manuscript and Rare Book Department
Printed or manuscript music in the Music and Theatre Department.
Purchased 1969.

Harald Mortensen's collection on the history of Tycho Brahe and the history of astronomy
19 metres of literature on the Danish astronomer, nautical, optical, cartographical and meteorological sciences and on the observatory of Rundetårn in Copenhagen.
Donated in 1957

Fr. Thorkelin's Grundtvig collection
A complete collection of the printed works of N. F. S. Grundtvig (1783 - 1872). Donated in 1914. A part of the collection is registered in REX.

E. Spang-Hanssen's Holberg collection
20 metres of works by, and literature about, Ludvig Holberg (1684 - 1754) including handwritten notes for a continuation of a bibliography of Holberg. Purchased 1973.

Ove Marcussen's Kaj Munk collection
5 metres of works by, and literature about, Kaj Munk (1989-1944) as well as a collection of newspaper clippings. Purchased 1985.

Ludvig F.A. Wimmer' s collection of runology
The collection contains the materials (drawings and cardboard impressions) for the first scholarly edition of Danish Runic inscriptions, published 1895-1908, as well as 600 volumes of literature on runes and runic inscriptions, manuscripts, letters etc.
Donated 1915. A part of the collection is registered in REX.

C. Special collections created by The Royal Library

Collection of dedications
22 metres of presentation copies (with handwritten insciptions) by Danish authors from the 19th and 20th centuries. Some presentation copies (e.g. by Hans Christian Andersen) may be found in other special collections and in the major collections.

Record collection
A small collection of literary and documentary records and tapes. Purchases made after 1988 in REX.

Collection of pornographic literature
4 metres of pornographic literature, seized by the police prior to the law of 1967 which lifted the prohibition against such literature. Transferred to the library in 1971.

Collection of Newspaper clippings
149 metres of newspaper clippings, primarily on history, local history, biography and literary matters, including a multivolume scrapbook created during the German occupation of Denmark 1940-1945 by a Danish journalist.