The Odin Teatret Archives

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During its more than 50-year history, The Odin Theatre in Holstebro has  accumulated a huge archive; correspondences, press materials, photos, audiovisual materials and performance materials – all of which illuminates the theatre's work from its very beginning in Oslo in 1964 and later in Holstebro from 1966. Performances, seminars, laboratories, tours, cultural exchanges, festivals, books, magazines are all activities that have taken place under the Odin Theatre's auspices, not just in Denmark, but worldwide.

In 2013, The Odin Theatre decided to donate its entire archive to The Drama Collection at The Royal Library, in two rounds. The main part, which consists of approximately 45 shelf metres of physical materials in addition to a comprehensive digital archive, was transferred in 2015; the remaining items of the archive, about 50 shelf metres, will be transferred in 2024.

Thanks to support from Færchfonden there will still be a large archive at The Odin Theatre until 2024, which may be used by the theatre staff, researchers, visiting artists as well as in seminars, symposiums and festivals.

If you click on this link you may get an overview of the entire archive as well as its history, The Odin Theatre’s history and much more, in both English and Spanish; in REX you are able to see which materials were transferred to The Drama Collection in 2015.