Two new catalogues from The Oriental Collection

Catalogue of Japanese Manuscripts and Rare Books

By Merete Pedersen NIAS Press-Det Kongelige Bibliotek, 2015

Just published: Catalogue of the entire collection of Japanese manuscripts and early woodblock printed books, maps and single sheet prints held in the Royal Library, Copenhagen: 152 items in all.

The collection spans the whole of the Edo (1603-1867) and Meiji (1869-1912) periods. Many literary genres are represented including Japanese editions of Chinese classical works. The catalogue provides both concise bibliographical date and additional material gathered from various sources. It furthermore provides reproductions of pages from the books and a representative selection of the single-print sheets, many of them in colour.

The introduction presents and outlines the history of the collection and identify some of the more important items.


Catalogue of Korean Manuscripts and Rare Books

By Bent Lerbæk Pedersen NIAS Press-Det Kongelige Bibliotek, 2014

Just published: This catalogue gives a description of 110 Korean manuscripts and rare books, the majority of which belonging to the Royal Library, Copenhagen (another 13 items being part of the Ethnographic Collection of the National Museum of Denmark). Most of the manuscripts and rare books date from the Yi or Chŏson dynasty (1392–1910), the last Korean dynasty. A minor part is published during the Japanese occupation (1910-1945) and early part of the Republic of Korean. The subjects are centered on a Confucian society but also Buddhist subjects are included. The major part of the items are written with Chinese characters, some with Korean reading marks, and some are written in Hangul letters. 77 of the items are illustrated, 16 in colours.