Theatre texts


The Drama Collection  (a division of  the Music and Theatre Department in the National Library) holds nearly complete collections of theatre texts performed at the leading private theatres in Copenhagen, among whiche are the Casinoteatret (1848-1937), the Folketeatret (1857-), the Dagmarteatret (1883-1937), the Nørrebros Teater (1887-), the Ny Teater (1906-) and the Betty Nansens Teater (1917-). Moreover, the collection holds the Royal Theatre's repertory from the mid-1950s to today. 
The Drama Collectionen also includes many collections deriving from leading Danish theatre publishers and prominent actors and directors (including several scrapbooks) as well as two major collections of unpublished plays deriving from the archive of the theatre organisation Danske Dramatikeres Forbunds and from unknown origins respectively.
Since the mid-1960s a collection of the repertory performed all major Danish theatres has been carried out including all plays aired by the Danish Broadcasting and TV. Today more than fifty Danish theatres regularly deliver a copy of each performed drama text to the Drama Collection.

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