The considerable manuscript collections in the Royal Library range from the early middle ages to the present day. The manuscripts deal primarily, though not exclusively, with European, especially Danish, history, literature and cultural history. Whether an illuminated manuscript or a letter, manuscript, diary, rough draft or similar papers, each individual document is irreplacably unique. Access is available to most most items in the Research Reading Room .

The main part of the collections is located in the Manuscript Collections : a large collection of manuscripts from the Middle Ages, private archives, manuscripts by authors and other cultural personalities, as well as a vast number of other sources that illuminate Danish history.

The Manuscript collections and documents are listed in the library catalog REX .

Music Manuscripts
The manuscript collections in the Collections of Music and Theatre comprise c. 22.750 music manuscripts. A large part of the collection is made up of the works of contemporary composers. Certain special collections in the department also contain manuscripts, especially the collections from individuals.

Orientalia and Judaica
In the Oriental Collection there are 5.000 manuscripts and block prints from all of Asia and North Africa, from the 10th century forward. And the Judaica Collection contains c. 300 manuscripts primarily in Hebrew.