Middle Ages and Renaissance


See also Codices Latini Haunienses and Fragmenta Latina Hauniensia.


Collections: GKSNKS, Thott, Additamenta, E donatione variorum, Fabricius' collection, Other manuscripts.



GKS 18, 2º, Basilius Magnus: Homiliæ super Psalmos (etc.), 12th century
GKS 19 2º, Basilius Magnus: Homiliae, c. 1350
GKS 79 2º
, "The Mirror of Human Salvation". Germany, c. 1430
GKS 80 2º, "The Mirror of Human Salvation". Germany, 1400-50
GKS 271 2º, Tycho Brahe: Elixyr Tychonis. Denmark, 16. century
GKS 316 2º, Tycho Brahe: Observationes planetarum. Denmark, 1596
GKS 487 2º, Selected texts on the history of France, 14th century
GKS 1154 2º, The Hardenberg codex. Norwegian laws, 14th-16th century
GKS 1343 4º, Basilius Magnus, Ascetica, 11. century
GKS 1391, 4º, Martin Luther: Dass diese Worte Christi ..., 15?? 
GKS 1606 4º, "The Kristina Psalter". Paris, c. 1230
GKS 1607 4º, Prayer Book. France, 15th century
GKS 1610 4º, Book of Hours in Latin. France, 1475-1500
GKS 1633 4º, Bestiarius. England, 15th century
GKS 1823 4º, Tycho Brahe:  The Nativity of Prince Hans, 1583
GKS 1824 4º, Tycho Brahe: Meteorological observations 1563 ff.
GKS 1872 4º, Religious sangs, 1541
GKS 1874 4º, Henrich Lübeck: Music book for trumpet, 1598
GKS 1875a 4º, Magnus Thomsen: Music book for trumpet, 1598
GKS 3453 8º, Manual from Notmark. 14th century
GKS 3466 8º, Bestiaire. England, c. 1300
GKS 3484 8º, Arzneibuch . Germany,1468 


NKS 24 2º, Texts of Philipp Melanchthon, Martin Luther and Johannes Bugenhagen, 1542
NKS 84 b 2º, Anonymi medicina illustrata. 16th century (74 x 54 cm)
NKS 90 b 2º, Beate Hildegardis cause et cure de mundi creatione, 13th century
NKS 138 4º. An Icelandic Gradual Manuscript. 16th century
NKS 165 4º. Jehan Daniel: Les Obfuscations du Monde, 1515-1524
NKS 167 b 4º. The Waldere fragments. 11th century
NKS 2237 4º. Swedish law manuscript. C. 1350
NKS 4960, 4º, Sticherarion, 14th century
NKS 50 h 8º, Prayer Book. Flanders (?), 1500-1525
NKS 66 8º, Henrik Harpestræng: Liber Herbarum, Denmark, 15th century (only in Danish) 
NKS 901 8º, Illustrated almanac for peasants, 1513


Thott 44, 2º, Johannes Chrysostomus, Homiliæ in Iob. Homiliæ in Genesin. 9th-10th century
Thott 45, 2º, Johannes Chrysostomus, Homiliæ in Genesin. 10th-11th century
Thott 143 2º, "The Copenhagen Psalter" (ff. 1 recto - 18 recto). England 1175-1200
Thott 174 2º, Valerio Marcellini: Il Paruta overo dell' Immortalità dell' anima, Padua, 1590's
Thott 290 2º, Hans Thalhofer: "Alte Armatur und Ringkunst", Bavaria, 1459
Thott 4 4º, The Bible in Swedish, 15th century
Thott 21 4º, The four gospels in Latin. Lund, c. 1150
Thott 517 4º, Legends. England, c. 1370
Thott 547 4º, Book of Hours. England, c. 1370
Thott 291 8º, Chansons d'Amour. France, 15th century


Add. 51 2º, Æbelholtbogen. Æbelholt c. 1450 (only in Danish)

E donatione variorum:

E don var 12 2º, Johannes Chrysostomus, Basilius Magnus, Athanasius Alexandrinus, 14th century
E don var 13 2º, Varii tractatus Basilii Magni et orationes Gregorii Nazianzeni, 14th century
E don var 52 2º, Necrology: the Næstved Calendar, Næstved 1228-1250
E don var 140 4º, Codex Esromensis. Esrum 1496-1497 (only in Danish)

Fabricius' samling:

Fabricius 23 2º, Claudius Ptolemaeus: Geographia, 1250-1300
Fabricius 45, 4º, Johannes Chrysostomus: Letters , 11th-12th century 

Other manuscripts:

Acc. 2011/5. The Courtenay Compendium. England 14th century

Codex Holmiensis 37
, The Law of Jutland, c. 1280 (belongs to The Royal Library - Stockholm, deposited in The Royal Library - Copenhagen March 2011). Only in Danish


Danish: GKS 271 2ºGKS 1874 4º, GKS 1875a 4º, NKS 66 8º, Codex Holmiensis 37

(Old-)English: NKS 167 b 4º

French: GKS 487 2º, NKS 165 4ºNKS 50 h 8º, Thott 291 8º 

German: GKS 79 2º, GKS 80 2º, GKS 1391, 4º, GKS 1823 4º, NKS 24 2º, Thott 290 2º

Greek: GKS 18, 2º, GKS 19 2º, GKS 1343 4ºNKS 4960, 4ºThott 44, 2º, Thott 45, 2º, E don var 12 2º, E don var 13 2º, Fabricius 23 2º, Fabricius 45, 4º

Icelandic: NKS 138 4º

Italian: GKS 2052 4º GKS 2053 4º Thott 174 2º

Latin: GKS 316 2º, GKS 1606 4º, GKS 1607 4º, GKS 1610 4º, GKS 1633 4º, GKS 1823 4º, GKS 1824 4º, GKS 3453 8º, GKS 3466 8º, GKS 3484 8º, NKS 84 b 2º, NKS 90 b 2º, NKS 901 8ºThott 143 2º, Thott 21 4º, Thott 517 4º, Thott 547 4º, Add. 51 2º, E don var 52 2º, E don var 140 4º, Acc. 2011/5

Norwegian: GKS 1154 2º

Swedish: NKS 2237 4ºThott 4 4º