Rischel and Birket-Smith’s Collection of Guitar Music (digital)

This e-collection consists of digitisations of about 1,600 works for the guitar, including 500 handwritten music sheets, most of which are transcripts. There is music for solo guitar as well as chamber music for the guitar and one or more other instruments.

The oldest editions are two works by B. Vidal from about 1785, most of the rest are by composer from the 1800s, i.a. Augado, Call, Carcassi, Carulli, Coste, Giuliani, Küffner, Mertz, Pettoletti and Sor. Also composers from the 20. century are represented, i.a. Pujol.

Originally, there were two private collections, donated to The Royal Library by Thorvald Rischel (1861-1939) and Frederik Birket-Smith (1880-1951). A comprehensive introduction explains the history of the collection

The collection is an independent sub-base in The Royal Library’s catalogue, REX. If you search in REX or bibliotek.dk, you will automatically be guided to the online edition.
The works form part of The Danish National Digital Sheet Music Archive

Contact: Music at The Royal Library: mta@kb.dk