Introduction to the Bibliography of Danish Literary History

The bibliography is the main bibliography in the fields of Danish literary science and history of literature, and as such records the publications about Danish fiction authors. The scope of the bibliography is from 1967 to the present. This enormous bibliographical achievement is principally the work of Aage Jørgensen. Susanne Willaing, The Royal Library, has since the end of 2014 taken upon her the task of continuing the bibliography, assisted by Aage Jørgensen until mid 2015.

The bibliography contains books and articles published in journals and books, as well as publications on the internet, but not articles and reviews in newspapers.

The bibliography as of August 2015 includes 20.100 records. 72% of the catalogued books and articles are written in Danish, 11% in English and 7% are German.

The bibliography is divided into eight subject groups:

  • Bibliografier mv.: national bibliographies, research registries, bibliographies of individual authors etc.
  • Samleværker: collections of articles by individual writers, publication with contributions by several writers, e.g. festschrifts and conference publications.
  • Litteraturkritik og -teori: general representations, such as genre-, thematic- and motive studies, and literary histories; books and articles about several authors.
  • Didaktik: didacticism, historiography and methodology of Literary History.
  • Enkelte forfattere: books and articles related to a single author.
  • Antologier: anthologies about several authors.
  • Udgaver: ‘collected’ and ‘selected’ publications and publications with comments.
  • Miscellanea: books and articles not belonging to the other subject groups.

Searching in the Bibliography of Danish Literary History

Go to and select ”Dansk Litteraturhistorisk Bibliografi” in the menu just below the search box.

You can now search authors in the bibliography using the free text search. This gives the most comprehensive result.

For searches only in the core registrations of the subject group Enkelte forfattere, choose the advanced search function “Avanceret søgning” and select EMNE for subject search.

If you want to limit the search for one of the eight subject groups, please also select EMNE for subject search.