E-ressources - Maps

The Map Collection - Digitized maps
About 7,500 searchable maps from before 1900 covering the following places: Denmark, Danish regions, Copenhagen, Greenland, former Danish countries f.i. The West-Indian Islands and Tranquebar

Denmark on the world map
A journey through the Danish history of maps. The mapping of Denmark and the many maps, produced through the last 500 years. 

The Atlas of King Frederik 5th
The digital facsimile in 55 volumes represents a journey through countries and cities in the 18th century, as the plates show maps of stars, countrysides, cities with descriptions, picture of towns and castles, castle gardens, drawings of fortifications and dispositions of troups, drawings of canons, satirical prints etc.

Copper plates from Peder Hansen Resen's Atlas Danicus
The digital facsimile contains a collection of copper plates of town plan and pictures from Danish town, illustrations of castles and manor houses, town seals, weapons, decoration of churches, tombstones, runic letters, etc. and individual maps of small regions.

Maps of Greenland and Greenlandic localities from the Map Collection

Lafreri's Atlas
Maps by Italian cartographers from the 16th century

Rink's Collection
Hinrich Rink's maps with relation to Greenland