Web exhibitions - mixed materials

Treasures of The Royal Library 
Exhibition from 2003, presenting a number of The Royal Library's gems with introductions and pictures

Trusler og Tyvekoster [Threats and Thefts] (in Danish only)
Books and papers are exposed to many dangers. Every day valuable material is lost around the world due to nature as well as man: fires, water damages, theft, wars etc.

The Poet's theatre dreams
In 2005 The Royal Library celebrated Denmark's great poet, Hans Christian Andersen, with a major exhibition showing his life and work as dramatist. This web-version contains texts in both Danish and English.

Royal Identification Marks
Marks at  the books of The Royal Library such as royal monograms, national coat-of-arms, private ownership marks and special bindings

Danish Bindings in The Royal Library  (in Danish only)
The history and development of Danish bookbinding from the Middle Ages till now through a digital exhibition of books from The Royal Library's collections - at present 53 bindings with descriptions.

Diamonds in the Black Diamond (in Danish only)
Examples of all the various ways that diamonds appear in the collections of The Royal Library