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Aerial photo of The Royal Library's garden

The National Picture Database
About 50,000 searchable pictures about subjects such as Copenhagen topography - Greenland topography  - Denmark 1940-1945 - Albums - Rawert's picturesque journey through Denmark - The National Museum of Photography, selected works and focus on artists such as HansChristian Andersen, Carl Nielsen and Rued Langgaard

The Portrait Index
Index to Danish and foreign  persons in the portrait collection, selected Danish portraits are online.

The National Museum of Photography
An extensive selection of artistic photos are searchable via Kunstindeks Danmark (Art Index Denmark)

Set fra luften [Seen from the Air] (In Danish)
Aerial photos from the island of Funen,  divided into 10 subject groups

Denmark on The World Map
A journey through the history of maps. The mapping of Denmark  and the many maps produced through the last 500 years

Industrialization of Danmark 1870-1940
See about the subjects: The old Trades - The new machines - The ships to America - The Industrial Exhibition - Carlsberg - Greenland

Fotografernes København [The Copenhagen of the photographers] (In Danish)
Pictures from the capital of the 1850s

Danmarksbilleder [Pictures from Denmark] (In Danish)
The pictures tell a unique story about Denmark through the ages. About towns, villages, landscapes,  and people. Pictures from Denmark is a small glimpse of this world. Get a view of a number of Danish towns.

Kistebilleder [Popular prints1650-1870] (In Danish)
Through about 300 years the popular prints in Denmark served as media for news, moral and entertainment for the villlagers - an early form of tabloid newspaper in one page, called a leaflet or flyer. People collected them and glued them to the inner side of the lid in their chest of drawers - from this the popular name "kistebilleder" (Chest of drawers-pictures).

The Sketchbooks of the artists - impressions, ideas, visions
33 selected sketches from authors, artists and architects, expressing different aims and intenstions

Gammel Strand  [A location in Copenhagen near the old canal area] (in Danish)
See pictures from the street "Gammel Strand", with its people, boats and building - and not least the women selling fish.

Photos from Greenland in The Photos Collection and The Danish Folklore Archive

Hans Christian Andersen 
85 selected original phots of the poet

Ludvig Holberg på scenen [Ludvig Holbert at stage] (in Danish) 
93 portraits of some of the actors, who in the 19th century became famous in the Holberg-roles, concentrating on 8 of the auhtor's most famous comedies

Rued Langgaard
Pictures (photos) of this late romantic composer, but also modern creator of Danish music.

Carl Nielsen
Pictures of the most famous composer in Denmark.