Montgomery in Copenhagen 1945

Pictures in the form of drawings, photographs, engravings and a few other techniques are primarily found in the Department of Maps, Prints and Photographs.
In other departments as Dept of Manuscript, Dept of Music, Dept of Oriental and Judaica are some pictures.
The Royal Library has collected pictures since the 1650s. Most of the artistic materials were removed in 1835 to form the basis of The Royal Collection of Prints and Drawings, now in The Danish National Gallery. Only the historic documentation collection, Müllers Pinakotek, was retained as part of the library. This collection of about 2500 engravings describing the history of Denmark and Norway, dated from before 1790. It includes high quality portraits, topographical and historical engravings. The collection started the Image Database which was scanned in the 1990es.
Since 1835 engravings have only been collected as documentary images, though photographic pictures are collected both as documentary images and art. The Royal Library was the first institution to collect photography in a systematic way and today the collection houses the biggest collection of daguerreotypes in Northern Europe, a collection of photographic techniques and collection of photographs by photographic artists. These images served as the basis for the National Museum of Photography founded in 1996.
All kinds of photographic materials have been collected since 1950 and the collection comprises more than 17 million items - glass plate negatives, other kinds of negatives, diapositives, daguerrotypes and all kinds of positive material.
Some 100,000 images have  now been scanned and are avaible online.
The main collection is divided into portraits, topographical pictures, historical pictures, pictures of all other subjects, postcards and photographic albums. 
In addition to the main collection, several special collections are stored in the department. Access to the different collections varies significantly, search in the guide to the collection.
In 2003 a collection of roughly 3 million photographs taken between 1950 and 2003 was added by the purchase of  the private picture collection, Pressehuset.
Posters, and most recently cartoons, complete the collections.
All items can be viewed at the Reading Room for Maps and Pictures, Certain items are stored in other locations but most pictures are obtainable within few minutes.
Other Danish picture collections can be located in the small book : Billedsøgning hvor finder jeg billedet? eksempler på private og offentlige samlinger by Hans Berggreen         
Located in reading room:            Center for Kort og Billeder: YZX 23 Bill

The national organisation LFF( Landsforeningen til Bevaring af Film og Foto - National organisation of photography and film) tries to coordinate new initiatives to collect and give access to pictures in Danish collections.