Reading room identity card

Identity cards for reading rooms make up a part of the Royal Library's provisions against theft from the collections, and among other things the cards ensure that the identity of the borrower and the purpose of use are known to the library.

The use of valuable and rare materials is allowed, provided that the borrower has a special identity card with a picture, which is to be shown before the material is handed out either in the reading room. The identity card does not in itself grant the use of valuable and rare works, but the identity card is a prerequisite for the department being able to decide their position on lending the material requested.

The issuing of a reading room identity card requires that the borrower in question is registered as a borrower. In order to receive an identity card the borrower has to fill out an application form at the Research Reading Room (West). Foreign borrowers have to present identification. A written reference from an institution or a curriculum vita can be demanded. Then the application has to be approved by the library.

After approval, the application form can be picked up at the same reading room where it was handed in, normally the following working day. Together with a valid library card the approved application is then shown to the staff in the Research Reading Room , where the identity card can be issued. Foreign borrowers have to present identification again. It is not necessary to bring a photograph, because the staff will take a photograph.