Materials restricted to the Reading Room differ from materials for circulation

Different rules apply to non-circulating materials.
The most important rules are:

The 10 day rule
Ordered materials must be used within 10 days after they have arrived at the reading room. A user may have up to
10 books in the Reading Room at a time.

Use of non-circulating materials
Non-circulating materials can be used for an unlimited period of time. The only terms are that the materials are viewed frequently and that no one else requests them. Frequently means that the materials may not be left unused for a period of more than 10 days.

The user cannot renew non-circulating materials over the internet
You cannot renew the materials through REX. Please disregard the date of return in REX – this only applies to circulating books.

No fees
Non-circulating materials will never be charged with a fee, because it is the shared responsibility of the user and the Reading Room staff to make sure the material is returned in time.

Please let us know
If you are unable to view the requested material within the required 10 day limit please inform the Reading Room staff.